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QADeputy makes integrations simple. We firmly believe that integrations should be easy to setup and configure, and ultimately make your QA test management easier.

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Ghost Inspector

QADeputy's deep integration with Ghost Inspector allows teams to map test cases directly to Ghost Inspector tests and run them on demand or in bulk as part of a test run. All the results from Ghost Inspector tests are automatically piped back into QADeputy.

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Integrate with your Jira server to submit bugs and view the status, along with history, of those bugs from within QADeputy.

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With QADeputy's Slack integration, you can seamlessly report on testing progress in an automated fashion. Post to a channel when a test run is created, when progress is made, and even when the work is completed!

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Easily map your QADeputy test cases to Runscope API tests from within QADeputy. From there, run Runscope API tests ad-hoc or in bulk and we'll automatically map the test results back to your QADeputy test cases.

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Use QADeputy's Webhooks to automatically pipe over test data. Another great way to take advantage of the Webhooks feature is to send data to Zapier Webhooks where you can easily push data to other systems including Microsoft Teams, GitLab, FogBugz, Trello, Redmine, Github, Azure Devops, and more.

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Not seeing an integration that fits your needs? Plug in to our API and craft your own custom integration. Custom automation, internal systems, it doesn't matter. Our API has you covered. API Docs

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